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Vacant Staging



When a house is empty, it's sometimes difficult for potential buyers to picture how their furniture will look in a particular room. We will bring in the appropriate furniture and accessories to help create that picture.



Staging Consultations


Sellers can feel overwhelmed with the thought of preparing their home for market. With the eye of a potential buyer, we will walk through your home providing the most effective market-ready recommendations to ensure a quick and profitable sale. These recommendations may include updating, repairing, cleaning, painting, de-cluttering, organizing and furniture placement. Consultations, including a detailed written report, are $300.



Home Interior Redesign for Living


The philosophy behind our interior redesign services is to help our clients design the living space they really want.


Based on the needs of your household, we can help you transform your home by making specific recommendations in the following areas:


  • Space Planning

  • Furniture Placement

  • Specific Furnishings (can also include researching and shopping)

  • Lighting

  • Color schemes including wall color

  • Decluttering and organizing systems


Our interior redesign services start with an initial 2-hour consultation at a cost of $300.



Occupied Property Staging


After the consultation, we can help with the second step in preparing the house for market.  Once the updates,  repairs,  decluttering  and   cleaning   are completed, we will make the finishing touches to the house before it goes on the market.  This can involve rearranging/styling the existing furniture as well as bringing in any needed furniture and accessories to showcase the fantastic features of the house.

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